Four Essential Exercise Goals

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Open Goal

During an open goal exercise you are the only chef in the kitchen.

You decide when to stop, rest, or continue with the next exercise. You will only be informed of your intermediate status.

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Time Goal

Season the exercise by setting a time interval as the goal.

Either acoustic signals and spoken announcements on the iPhone or haptic feedback combined with specially displayed information on the Apple Watch will assist you during the workout.

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Distance Goal

For a light and breezy flavor, add a distance interval to your exercise as a training goal.

Either acoustic signals and spoken announcements on the iPhone or haptic feedback combined with specially displayed information on the Apple Watch will assist you during the exercise.

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Repetitions Goal

Use a pinch of repetitions as your exercise goal.

The repetitions goal will be announced at the beginning of the exercise. Now it’s all up to you!
A stopwatch will track the duration of the exercise.


Shape your Fitness

Versatile and simple

Composing a new workout can sometimes be quite tedious. You have to consider the overall goal and structure of the workout as well as the details at the exercise level. To take this into account, a lot of effort has been put into developing an editing approach that simplifies the whole process.

The editing complexity in Eexeed is reduced to the minimum. Yet you are able to create extensive workouts without losing the general overview.

Creating new exercises or editing existing ones has never been easier. Setting the exercise goal is done with just a few swipe gestures. With predefined shortcuts the goal can be reached even quicker.

images/workout_composition/iPhone_13_Pro_workout_composition_one_exercise_framed.png Image
images/workout_composition/iPhone_13_Pro_workout_composition_two_exercises_framed.png Image
images/workout_composition/iPhone_13_Pro_workout_composition_exercise_editor_framed.png Image
images/workout_composition/iPhone_13_Pro_workout_composition_exercise_goal_editor_framed.png Image


Performance Details and Overview

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images/workout_results/iPhone_13_Pro_workout_results_route_framed.png Image


It’s always interesting and fun to inspect the health data records after a successful workout. With Eexeed ’s workout timeline inspector you can go a step further. Using the history timeline based approach you are enabled to analyze the data and your performance at the workout section level.
By stepping along the timeline you see the whole history of the workout.

  • The duration of each section
  • The impact of each section to the heart rate and the calories burn rate
  • The the heart rate and the calories burn rate tendencies, depending on the sections and their order
  • Running tracks


Every time you finish your workout successfully, a workout results summary is automatically created for you.

Such a summary is just a single piece of the whole picture. To complete this picture, Eexeed uses the workout results history on your device and creates user-friendly, clear statistics for you.
Statistics on monthly and weekly basis let you see your current status at a glance.

  • Your workout days
  • Total number of workouts
  • Total workout time
  • Total running/walking distance

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Beyond the Workout

Convenience and Productivity


With Eexeed you not only create workouts for yourself, you can also share your hot recipes with other Eexeed users.

Are you a trainer? How about distributing your training plans to your students?

Exercise Templates

Sample workouts and an extensive collection of various exercise templates are delivered with Eexeed .

Your very own workout is just a finger tap away!